5th Mar 2021


While there's lots of stone out there to choose from, one stood out to us. Casa Di Sassi.

The stone is dynamic, with big attention grabbing stones that break up all of the smaller accent pieces. This is one of the things that sets Casa apart from other stone manufacturers. Some of the stones can get as big as 23"x19". You can see below how they add an element of realism to the work.

Here you can really see how you can utilize all of the stone variations to create a stunning display. Not only do the big stones look good, they also make Casa Di Sassi faster and more easy to install than smaller ledgestones.

Casa Di Sassi offers a variety of styles and colors of stone, so whether it's for a modern looking home, or rustic, there's a stone that will fit the look you're aiming for.

Here's some feedback some customers have had after seeing the stone in person.

John: "This stone looks like natural stone. I can’t believe this is a manufactured stone." 

If you'd like to see what this stone looks like in person, stop into our store and take a look at samples, or ask your sales rep if he can get you samples.